stay presidential suite

presidential suite

プレジデンシャル スイート

  • 広さ:132㎡
  • Floor space:132㎡
    Number of guests:2~4 persons

bar hotel箱根香山の魅力がすべて詰まった特別なスイートルーム。箱根エリアではトップクラスの広々とした130㎡のラグジュアリーなお部屋です。ゆとりある室内には、洋室と和室ふたつの寛ぎ空間がございます。ベットルームに加え、バーキャビネットと客室露天風呂、マッサージチェアも完備しています。

A suite room that reflects all the appeal of bar hotel hakone kazan in one place. It is a spacious 130㎡ room, a top-class luxurious room in the Hakone area. This spacious room offers two complete relaxation spaces of western and traditional Japanese style. Along with the bedroom, a bar cabinet, private open-air bath, and a massage chair are there for you to be fully absorbed in complete luxuriousness.

open-air bath


A private open-air bath, to let you enjoy the luxurious gensen, a natural spring water, while being in your room. Fully equipped with a spacious bathing tub, along with a sauna and cold-water bath. Be delighted by the private bathing time while enjoying your favorite alcohol.

private bar


The luxurious space is furnished with a bar cabinet. Well-equipped private bar with a national and global selection of liquor and alcohol, along with bar items which enable you to make your own drinks. The shaker, bar items, and well-selected glasses are there for your use.

luxury cabinet


The luxury show-case specially placed only in this room, with a line-up of rare and exclusive liquors.
*with a charge

tatami room


A uniquely low table set allows for enjoyment of cocktails on a tatami mat. This is another special feature of the bar hotel’s traditional rooms. Bar cushions with an alternating fabric and leather design are combined with original kazan cushions with authentic leather fringe. Our’s is a long sofa created for sleeping at leisure. Enjoy this simple modern, yet elegant design. So carefully created, you won’t even feel the frame when seated.

bed room


We offer a Simmons 7.5in (about 19cm) high, double sided pocket coil mattress in all rooms.
Experience a refreshing sleep in the comfortable embrace of these luxurious beds. A truly extravagant sleep experience awaits you at hotel hakone kazan.

meeting available

贅沢なスイートルームでの会議はいかがでしょうか。大自然の中の静かな宿で、アイデアも沢山、インスピレーションを与える空間です。お酒を飲みながらのオフサイトミーティングやブレインストーミングなども。非日常の傑出したお部屋で、bar hotelならではの特別なおもてなしをご体感ください。

How would you like to have a business meeting in the luxurious suite room? It should be an inspirational space where you can be creative, at the accommodation deep within the quiet nature. How about hosting off-site meetings and brainstorming while enjoying alcoholic drinks? We wish for you to fully experience the hospitality unique to the bar hotel at our extraordinary special room.

room key

お部屋でのチェックインが可能です。bar hotelオリジナルデザインのボトルをイメージしたルームキーをお渡し致します。ウェルカムシャンパンをご提供しています。

You can check-in at the room. You will receive the bar hotel original design room key designed with the image of a bottle, as well as welcome champagne.

champagne brunch


We provide a champagne brunch in the sylvan, refreshing lounge. Enjoy the stunning mountain view from the windows while drinking coffee and champagne. The breakfast can be served in the room as well.



Amenities provided to offer an even more enjoyable bath time. Of the highest quality, the items have a relaxing scent, are pleasant to use, and offer benefits for hair and skin.

room apparel


Our indoor apparel is an original design by leading modern Kimono artist Jotaro Saito. Relax in special indoor attire following check-in. Feel free to wear this all around the hotel, even at the bar.



Moss, stones, flowers, and natural aromas are in rich supply around Chisuji Falls. Gaze up upon a sprawling starry sky. Eternal and deep, love is shared… as you enjoy multiple works of Shinpei Kashihara’s world view.



The background music in the hotel is selected by sound producer Lava. Guests can enjoy drinks in-suite while listening to music set to the themes sleep, liqueur, and awake.

the bar

the bar


The bar offers genteel dignity just inside our main entrance. Carefully selected spirits and cocktails help guests enjoy an unforgettable welcome in the midst of pristine natural beauty.



Enjoy hundreds of types of whiskey, seasonal Kazan original cocktails, and spirits carefully selected by an experienced bartender.

smoking bar


We provide a relaxed smoking area where you can bring your drink. Enjoy time here with a multitude of drink selections.

お部屋の設備 / room facility

液晶テレビ / 冷蔵庫 / ドライヤー / 電気ケトル / 非常用ペンライト / 金庫 / コーヒーメーカー / グラス、カップ / タオル、アメニティ各種 / 靴べら / スリッパ、館内履き
guest room furnishing
LED TV, refrigerator, dryer, electric kettle, emergency penlight, safe, coffee maker, glasses/cups, towel/amenities, shoehorn, slippers/room shoes
アイロン&アイロン台 / ズボンプレッサー / 加湿器 / 携帯充電器 / ヘアアイロン / ブランケット
lending item
Iron & ironing board, pants press, humidifier, portable charger, curling iron, scale, blanket
internet use
Wi-Fi is available free of charge in all guest rooms.
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