【bar hotel 箱根香山】大切な人と極上のbarタイムを

This retreat for adults is a
lodge you could call a bar.
This hidden, luxury retreat resides in a peaceful forest.
Open the door and be greeted by a cozy counter and fireplace.
Feel the flow of time and the change of seasons,
sharing an exquisite drink with those close to you.

Here you’ll find a perfect hideaway,
This is a bar you’ll always want to return to.

Refined and bespoke, this is sure to become one of your favorites.
From the path and vistas leading to the bar,
Now, the melodious touch of glass on glass…
Pursuit of the ideal led you to this point,
This special hideaway, “Bar Hotel Hakone Kazan”
Settled quietly in a dignified forest,
A luxurious space, your place to contemplate, relax and unwind.
The expansive counter floats in front of the Prussian blue fireplace at the entrance.
Time passes, seasons change,
Along with time, you can relax in slow luxury. How about an exquisite drink with special someone?
Here is a place you will want to revisit over and over,
This is a place of ease and luxury for those with a heightened taste for quality and ambience.

the bar


The bar offers genteel dignity just inside our main entrance. Carefully selected spirits and cocktails help guests enjoy an unforgettable welcome in the midst of pristine natural beauty.



Holding the afterglow of your welcome at the bar, you will enter your guestroom, nestled quietly in untouched nature and offering you a view of Hakone’s pristine mountains.



Gaze upon the mountain view as it blends into a perfect, majestic vista. Relieve your fatigue as the springhead of Hakone’s renown hot spring sinks easily in to soothe your mind and soul.



This authentic, heartwarming space offers an air of privacy and escape. Here you can create lasting memories with that special someone.

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