bar interior

bar interior

Our feelings towards each and every guest is clearly evidenced by the attention to detail in our interior design and artwork.

The solid, 13 m bar counter is the first and strongest image to greet arriving guests.
The Prussian blue fireplace occupying the floor’s center harbors the power of fire, and wall paintings depicting Chisuji Falls, at the base of the bar hotel, adorn the interior and envelope the comfortable seating arrangement.
The brilliant, imposing interiors are each finely constructed
Each guest feels their senses elevated as they lay back and relax in our hotel’s luxury and elegance.

bar counter


The beautifully textured bar counter is made from teak, one of the world’s three precious woods. Guests will never tire of looking at this special piece. Enjoy some precious time drinking at your leisure and finding peace in a space adorned with these select timbers.


barの中央に設置されているのはbar hotel箱根香山の象徴でもある鉄紺の暖炉。庵治石と黒漆喰で作られた暖炉は寒い時期には火が灯り、barで過ごしていただく時間に暖かさと影の揺らめきを添えてくれます。

The Prussian blue fireplace set up in the bar’s center is the symbol of bar hotel hakone kazan. The fireplace, made with Aji stone and black plaster, will also be lit during the colder season. Warmth from the fire and its flickering shadows will add to the feeling of home and relaxation.


bar hotelの景色。それは、カウンターから見る箱根の大自然と、その美しい稜線になぞらえて丁寧に並べられたウィスキーとの重なり。夕景からはじまる時間の経過とともに、変わりゆく眺望をご堪能ください。

Scenery at the bar hotel. The great nature of Hakone, as seen from our counter, blends well with our carefully constructed whiskey selection. Our drinks suggest the beautiful ridges of these lovely mountains. Enjoy the view as it changes with passing time and the slow transition into evening.

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