the bar

the bar

Tonight’s story starts here.

Chisuji Falls was named based on water of the falls separating into a thousand white threads flowing down the mountain face.
As you pass deeper into the forest beyond Chisuji Falls you’ll open what feels like an invisible door on to an authentic bar perfect for a more guests with a mature sense of taste. The Prussian blue fireplace is a perfect backdrop to our floating counter at the entrance.
Bespoke background music plays quietly in the tranquil space and guests enjoy a drink as they gaze on to the sunset tinged sky. Lose yourself in thought and weave together ideas on your own or become absorbed in conversation with your companion.
Your personal time or the time with your special someone begins like the flow of the mountain’s fantastical and gentle waterfall.



A teak bar counter looking out over Hakone’s nature A 2.2 meter diameter Prussian blue fireplace occupies the center, and the space is designed for relaxation on a sofa or daybed.



Enjoy hundreds of types of whiskey, seasonal Kazan original cocktails, and spirits carefully selected by an experienced bartender.

food a la carte


We offer bar snacks to enjoy with a whiskey or cocktail. Please eat your fill of them together with our exquisite drinks.


Please check from here detailed menu.

smoking bar


We provide a relaxed smoking area where you can bring your drink. Enjoy time here with a multitude of drink selections.

bar -private spa & bar-

spa & bar


A hot spring where you can open the window for a partial open-air experience. Also featuring a private space with sauna. Feel pure leisure with your favorite drink.

bar -suite-


bar hotel箱根香山の魅力の全てが詰まったスイートルーム。箱根有数の広々としたラグジュアリー空間にはbarや露天風呂を完備。リビングと寝室が分離しているので、パーティルームとしてもご利用いただけます。

Our suite room presents the entire appeal of bar hotel hakone kazan. This is Hakone’s largest luxury space and is fully equipped with a bar and open-air bath. The living room and bed room are separate, allowing guests to use the space as a party room at their convenience.


room attire


Our indoor apparel is an original design by leading modern Kimono artist Jotaro Saito. Relax in special indoor attire following check-in. Feel free to wear this all around the hotel, even at the bar.



The bespoke background music playing in the hotel is selected by sound producer Lava. Enjoy drinks in the guest room while listening to music with themes including sleep, liqueur and awake.

art and design


Interior artwork and various designs are by up-and-coming artists. Take a look at works by masters who have produced one of a kind pieces with a unique world view.

room interior


Take the atmosphere and mood of the bar with you back to your room. The finely tuned and innovative interior will surely increase the pleasure of your stay.


Business hours are from 6 pm
Enjoy at your leisure the great drinks and scenery that grow more profound as night falls over the mountains. Drinks are included in the accommodation fee, so you can enjoy most offerings free of charge.
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