Take the afterglow of the bar with you to your guest room.
The extraordinary feeling will continue forever.

Bar hotel hakone kazan blends into the nature of Kowakudani and this retreat is built for guests to enjoy the bar as well as offering a view of Mount Asama and Myojogatake from each and every room.
The black-themed interior provides a relaxed atmosphere as you move between the bar and your room.
It is like tracing a chain of moments in time and you can take the rich afterglow of your bar experience with you back to your room.
Enjoy the extraordinary experience that will refresh and re vive your for days to come.


bar hotel箱根香山の魅力の全てが詰まったスイートルーム。箱根有数の広々としたラグジュアリー空間にbarや露天風呂を完備。パーティルームとしてもご利用いただけます。

The suite room represents every aspect of hotel hakone kazan’s special ambience. This is the largest accommodation space in and is fully equipped with a bar and open-air bath. Guests can use their spacious room for get-togethers and parties at their convenience.


浅間山と明星ヶ岳を望むことができ、barのイメージを踏襲した非日常を感じさせる色彩の大人の空間です。bar hotelならではの小上がりでは、畳の上でお酒を楽しむことができ、2〜4名様までご利用いただけます。

A colorful bespoke space with views of Mount Asama and Myojogatake. Here, guests experience the extraordinary mood brought back from the image at the bar. A small “Koagari” separate tatami space for two to four also graces this room and is totally unique to the bar hotel.


bar hotelオリジナルのデイベットを設置した、シンプルモダンながら優雅さも兼ね備えたお部屋です。箱根の雄大な自然とお酒を楽しみながらゆったりとお過ごしいただけます。3名様までご利用いただけます。

A room that unites simple modern and luxurious elegance. The bar hotel’s original daybed is also featured here. Enjoy the majestic nature of Hakone at your leisure and over drinks. Accommodation for up to three guests.



This room presents the majestic views of Mount Asama and Myojogatake. The perfect place to witness lovely Hakone with a special someone. Accommodation for up to two guests.



A compact, private space for one guest. Perfect for extended stays and personal retreat, this room features the majestic scenery of Hakone.



We provide a champagne brunch in our sylvan, refreshing lounge. Enjoy the stunning mountain view from the windows while drinking coffee and champagne.



Amenities provided to offer an even more enjoyable bath time. Of the highest quality, the items have a relaxing scent, are pleasant to use, and offer benefits for hair and skin.

tea utensils


Enjoy spirits and black tea in a hand-made glass and special tea set. This will be provided in-suite.



The background music in the hotel is selected by sound producer Lava. Guests can enjoy drinks in-suite while listening to music set to the themes sleep, liqueur, and awake.

お部屋の設備 / room facility

液晶テレビ / 冷蔵庫 / ドライヤー / 電気ケトル / 非常用ペンライト / 金庫 / コーヒーメーカー / グラス、カップ / タオル、アメニティ各種 / 靴べら / スリッパ、館内履き
guest room furnishing
LED TV, refrigerator, dryer, electric kettle, emergency penlight, safe, coffee maker, glasses/cups, towel/amenities, shoehorn, slippers/room shoes
アイロン&アイロン台 / ズボンプレッサー / 加湿器 / 携帯充電器 / ヘアアイロン / 体重計 / ブランケット
items available from the front desk
Iron & ironing board, pants press, humidifier, portable charger, curling iron, scale, blanket
internet use
Wi-Fi is available free of charge in all guest rooms.
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