Enjoy a luxuriuos bath in the open, fresh air of Hakone.

There are two hot springs within our hotel.
“spa kazan” and “spa hinoki”
Enjoy a hot spring bath and drinks.
Our “private spa & bar” is an exclusive, fully private space.
The expansive view of Mount Asama and Myojogatake will provide a sense of freedom and awe.
As you relax here, your mind and body become one with nature.
The pure, clear air of Mount Hakone and a scenery with a new look and new expression at every season.
Together with the elegantly flowing Chisuji Falls, guests enjoy Hakone’s renown baths to their heart’s content, all the while in the warm embrace of indescribably beautiful nature

spa kazan


夜 18:00~3:00
朝 6:00~13:00

spa kazanは夜=女湯、朝=男湯

This is a large bath house fully equipped with an open-air bath, sauna, and cold water bath. spa kazan offers a view of Hakone’s green nature from a window open wide to the world. Here, mountain shadows are tinted by the evening sun and gradations of sky and forest are slowly drenched in fresh morning light. Guests enjoy scenery with a constantly changing expression, season to season and moment to moment.

Evening hours: 6 pm to 3 am
Morning hour: 6 am to 1 pm

At spa kazan, women can bathe at night and men in the morning



The large bath house has a sauna. Guests can enjoy a rejuvenating sauna experience any time during their stay.

cold bath


As an essential aspect of any sauna experience, the large bath house contains a cold bath, for cold/hot body care.

spa hinoki


夜 18:00~3:00
朝 6:00~13:00

spa hinokiは夜=男湯、朝=女湯

View Hakone’s green nature from a cypress aroma bath. Enjoy the scenery and aroma, and allow yourself total relaxation.

Evening hours: 6 pm to 3 am
Morning hours: 6 am to 1 pm

At spa hinoki, men can bathe at night and women in the morning



Amenities are offered guests to enhance their special bath time. All amenities are high-quality items with a relaxing scent, are pleasant to use and offer benefits for hair and skin.

注意事項 / notes

  • 入れ墨・タトゥー・タトゥーシール・ボディペイント等をされている方の浴場入室は固くお断りします。
  • 暴力団関係者の入館はお断りします。
  • 皮膚に疾患のある方、伝染する疾患をお持ちの方の入浴はご遠慮ください。
  • Please note that individuals with a tattoo, tattoo seal, or body paint will be prohibited from entering the bath house.
    Note: Those violating this stipulation will be asked to leave immediately.
  • Any members of anti-social, illegal organizations i.e. gangs, are prohibited from entering the hotel.
  • Guests with a skin condition or other contagious infection, etc., are asked to refrain from bathing.

spa -private spa & bar-

spa & bar


Two diverse private spaces, a hot spring where you can open the window for a partial open-air experience, and a sauna. Relax here and enjoy your favorite drink.

spa -presidential suite-

presidential suite

bar hotel箱根香山で唯一露天風呂を完備したスイートルーム。箱根有数の広々としたラグジュアリー空間にはbarも完備し、パーティルームとしてもご利用いただけます。

The only suite room at bar hotel hakone kazan with an open-air bath. This is the most spacious room in Hakone and we hope guests will enjoy the luxury found in this perfectly appointed bar suite. The space can also be used for gatherings and meetings per guests’ convenience.

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