Enjoy the bar and Hakone’s charm to the fullest in this space

Guests can relax at our beautifully textured bar counter with a backdrop of our Prussian blue fireplace. Nestled in the middle of Hakone Kowakudani’s deep forest, this locale will bring peace and a feeling or deep relaxation to each guest.
Take the afterglow of your bar experience back to the guest rooms surrounding the bar, dip in hot springs for an unforgettable bath experience and marvel at the original art, bespoke music, and myriad of reading material. All is designed to elevate your senses and create a treasured place of escape and peace.
On the next day, a leisurely champagne brunch awaits. The experience on offer at hotel hakone kazan is tailor made for guests who seek extraordinary bliss in the mountains of Japan.

floor map

the bar


A dignified, refined bar waits directly inside the hotel entrance. Enjoy select spirits and cocktails on your own or with a special someone.



Featuring a perfectly sunlit champagne brunch. Sip champagne as you bathe in natural mountain light streaming in through the sky windows and revel in the awe of Hakone’s mountain panorama.


自然に溶け込むマウントビューを眺めながら身体に染み渡る「spa kazan」、ヒノキ香る浴槽が自慢の「spa hinoki」に加え、温泉と共にお好みのお酒を楽しめる「private spa & bar」をご用意。箱根の息吹を感じながら良質な湯を存分に満喫することができます。

Includes the rousing “spa kazan” where you can gaze on Mount View as it blends with nature, “spa hinoki” with its exceptional cypress aroma bath, and a “private bar” for enjoying the hot spring with your favorite drink. Enjoy one of the finest bathing experiences Japan has to offer in the clear, pure air of Hakone.



Become one with nature as you gaze uninterrupted at the majestic sight of Mount Asama and Myojogatake. Feel the fresh wind from Mount Hakone and drink in the special fragrance of forest.



Allow the soothing sounds of nature; forest, water, wind, birds and more. From deep in the forest come the welcome song of nature direct to you, throughout your stay. Escape your daily hustle and bustle here in the enclave of sensual forested mountains.

chisuji falls


Chisuji Falls lies at the base of hakone kazan. Chisuji Falls was named “Thousand Line Falls” because of the seemingly thousands of white threads of water flowing 20 meters over dark, moss covered mountain rock. The fantastical and gentle dance of water down the stone face will inspire a sense of peace and comfort for each guest.

art and design

気鋭のアーティストたちによるアートやデザインが館内を彩ります。bar hotelの世界観で生み出された匠たちの作品をご覧ください。

Art and designs by up-and-coming Japanese artists adorn our hotel interior. We hope guests will enjoy the mastery in these special pieces.

その他の情報 / other info

チェックイン 18:00
チェックアウト 14:00
check-in, check-out
The check-in and check-out times for hakone kazan are as follows.
Check-in; 6 pm
Check-out; 2 pm
アメリカン・エキスプレス / VISAカード / マスターカード /
ダイナーズクラブ / JCBカード
credit card
We accept the following credit cards for payment of accommodation and any additional fees charged at the bar, etc.
American Express, VISA, Mastercard, Diners Club, JCB card


Please note all guests need to be at least 20 years of age.

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